Autonomous Robot Prototype Engineer – Integrator

You integrate and validate autonomous functionalities on autonomous mobile robots. Your prototypes introduce new automation concepts to agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and other sectors.

Flanders Make builds unique test setups for the automation of assembly for large products with heavy parts. We proudly present our demonstration devices to the public on various occasions throughout the year. As Autonomous Robot Prototype Engineer – Integrator, you will deploy autonomous mobile robots, which are becoming smarter and smarter.

Challenges include: interoperability aspects, coordination of multiple mobile robots, transporting a heavy or large piece or when transferring a heavy assembly piece from one robot to another, etc...

Integrate new sensors on mobile working platforms

As an expert (to be) in integration for autonomous systems, you will join a team of experts in indoor/outdoor localization, navigation, robotics, adaptive & learning control, connectivity, mechanical & electrical design, signal processing, machine learning and/or artificial intelligence, who work on different locations. Together you discover new grounds in autonomous systems, explore new possibilities and add new autonomous functionalities to prototypes.

In your role, you:

  • take the lead in Kortrijk in setting up working demonstrators;
  • are engaged in the automation challenge from A-Z;
  • Implement new standards (e.g. VDA5050) to connect multi-vendor autonomous mobile robots to a traffic management system;
  • Integrate an (open source) traffic management system.

Large factories, AMR builders and integrators will be on your weekly contact list. As their technical point of contact, you make time to listen to their needs. You are engaged to trace industrial challenges; understand the future requirements of your customers and present new research opportunities.

For your newly set up infrastructure on multiple Autonomous Mobile Robots in Kortrijk, you are the point of contact for the deployment of that infrastructure, following internal safety procedures.

You are engaged to learn and expand your skills. Keeping your broad knowledge of automation concepts up to date is certainly expected. Every day you strengthen your affinity in the associated technologies as well, like computer vision, artificial intelligence, sensor fusion, robot programming, path planning, motion control, state estimation, and/or vehicle dynamics.

Hands-on team player with strong analytical skills

This is what you bring along

  • Master's degree in Industrial or Electrical Engineering, or another relevant domain (Electronics-ICT, Electromechanics, Automation, Mechatronics, Robotics, Electronics, Automotive ….);
  • Experience with integration of sensors on machines, preferably robots or other autonomous mobile platforms;
  • Proficiency in working with the Linux operating system and command-line terminal operations;
  • Experience with C++, Python, and/or other programming languages to write ROS code;
  • Strong insights in kinematics of motion systems.
  • Any knowledge of standards for mobile robots (eg. vda5050) and/or state of the art sensors is a big plus.

You recognize yourself as

  • Passionate about research and new technologies;
  • A good communicator with customer focus; you are a professional point of contact for customers;
  • Commercial flair: you enjoy to see the valorization potential of your results;
  • A hands-on Engineer
  • Strong in analytical skills and problem solving skills;
  • Result oriented, responsible, self-directing and team player;
  • Eager to learn, in all the above.


  • A challenging job, working with experts in various fields, using state-of-the-art infrastructure for autonomous systems, machine & vehicle dynamics, predictive control, data analytics, software prototyping.
  • An open company culture with short communication lines;
  • A multi-stakeholder research context;
  • An enthusiastic, international team.

“As a prototype engineer, you serve as the bridge between cutting-edge research and real-world applications. Developing demonstrators to showcase the immense potential of technology and innovations is truly motivating. Every day brings new opportunities for learning and growth, making this role an enriching journey of continuous development,” Remi, Associate Application Engineer at Flanders Make.

Example project

Location: Kortrijk


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