Electromechanical Technician for setting up Prototype Machines, Vehicles and Robots

You participate in the construction of smart machines, assembly cells and robots to demonstrate and test new technologies.

In our new labs, we have disposal of many new prototype machines and every month, new ones are being built.

In this way, we demonstrate to companies the technology of the future and test how robots can cooperate with people, whether or not a fruit picking robot can recognise and pick ripe fruit, if drones in warehouses can count inventories, how 3D printing machines of the future will look like, how weaving machines can work faster and more energy-efficient, how smaller motors may still be able to deliver sufficient power, etc.

Our researchers conceive state-of-the-art technologies. It will be your job to test if they work in the day-to-day practice.

Job description

Your role: technical construction, operation, maintenance and disassembly of the wide range of prototype machines and robots.

  • Using your practical knowledge of mechanical engineering, electricity or electronics, you will help to build state-of-the-art machines, robots, drones, etc.
  • You will purchase what is needed, take care of the assembly and contribute ideas about the best practical approach and safety.
  • Afterwards, you will keep the equipment in a good operational state and disassemble what is no longer used.



  • Are an experienced technician;
  • Have experience with servicing machines;
  • Take initiative and focus on results;
  • Combine good organisational skills with decisiveness;
  • Have good social skills, both in Dutch and English.

Depending on your expertise and experience, you take on more responsibilities, both in connection with your purchasing, organisational and technical tasks.


We offer a varied job through which you will continuously work on other set-ups, machines and robots in an international team.

Location: Leuven


For more information:
at the number: +32 11 790 590
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