Embedded Software Engineer for Controller Design

Create new innovative prototype software tools that support embedded control design.

At Flanders Make we create new methods and intelligent software to support industrial designers of leading automotive and machine companies in Flanders. New methods are needed to automate data handling in complex design processes, more specifically:

  • To automatically generate design concepts;
  • To co-optimize the control algorithm and the embedded platform which enable embedded platform engineers to perform a trade-off analysis.

Develop & validate advanced software technology

As an expert in embedded and real time machine software, you will;

  • Work in a software research team to develop the above stated advanced software technology (frameworks) for controller design on industrial concepts (compressors, active shock absorbers, weaving looms, …);
  • Take the lead in the validation and indicate success criteria for the implementation to the team.

More concretely, you:

  • Set up the characterization of the embedded software and hardware (objectives, memory and other constraints, execution times, buses, … );
  • Are actively involved from conceptual idea generation until the implementation on a working demonstrator;
  • Try to prevent possible implementation problems, as early as possible in the research process;
  • Validate the new advanced software framework
    • Design, develop and test key software components when available.
    • Run the code on the ECU/TCU controle units;
    • Translate where needed the software model (model based design algorithms) into code (C++).

Experienced engineers will also coach young researchers and lead projects.

Experienced embedded software engineer

You have

  • A Master in Engineering (Computer Science, Informatics, ICT engineering, Mechatronics, Electronics, …);
  • Genuine interest in prototype software frameworks and motivation to acquire skills in some new modelling languages (SysML, Eclipse, Simulink…);
  • Strong background in Design, Development, Implementation and Test & Validation of embedded systems;
  • Programming skills and knowledge of C++ and embedded operating systems (RTOS, embedded Linux) is required;
  • Expertise in hardware, real time operating systems, electronics or control engineering is a plus.

You are

  • Passionate about research and new technologies;
  • Result oriented, responsible and hands-on in progress;
  • Team player;
  • A good communicator;
  • Eager to learn.

Work on highly innovative² concepts for highly innovative companies

  • Flanders Make gives you the opportunity to develop yourself in the network of top industry and universities and research institutes;
  • An open-minded, flexible and challenging working environment;
  • A warm atmosphere and top colleagues;
  • An attractive salary with fringe benefits.

  • Locatie: Leuven, Lommel of Kortrijk


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