Technical Project Manager Industry 4.0

With a team of researchers you set up pioneering industry 4.0-innovations for production companies.

The vision of Flanders Make is to induce a digital transformation in the Make industry resulting in an increasing international competitiveness. In order to realize this transformation the focus is on following trends: smart, interconnected products & production systems, customized products at the price of serial production, agile, human centred manufacturing organisations and sustainable products & production systems. Technological evolutions in the framework of Industry 4.0 such as AI in combination with domain knowledge, digital twins, digital work instructions … , will be key to support this transition.

A wide variety of projects is defined to cover these transforming trends. Secondly, Flanders Make’s ambition is to bridge the gap between basic research done at university and the actual need for new technologies in industry. In order to cover this bridge, several project types are defined from technology readiness levels (TRL) 2 up till 7. A technical project manager at Flanders Make plays a crucial role in this ambition. You will translate the needs from partners into projects. You will ensure excellence in the project execution resulting in an up-take by the Make industry.

Take the technical lead of innovative projects and ensure industrial relevance

As a Technical Project Manager, you steer the execution of industry-driven technology research projects. Your project team is composed with experts from different backgrounds, technical domains & different sites.

You will:

  • Take the technical lead and encourage researchers to look for new solutions.
  • Build a collective ambition for your projects with all stakeholders, i.e. the relevant user groups (Automotive and Machine Building Companies) and knowledge partners (Research Labs at Partner Universities);
  • Strive for an excellent execution and lead the project team;
  • Ensure that project results are both industrially relevant and scientifically excellent.

In infrastructure projects, your team also builds research infrastructure.

A variety of topics can be combined throughout the years.


You have:

  • A PhD or Master’s degree in a relevant technical domain;
  • Teaming skills & coaching skills for researchers;
  • Project management skills;
  • A constructive and open management style (empathic and assertive communication);
  • At least 5 to 10 years of relevant experience in an academic or industrial context;
  • A strong link with one of the research domains of Flanders Make. Eg, in Smart Robotic systems, Flexible manufacturing systems, Operator information systems (human machine interaction), Adaptive process control, Path planning, Motion control, Condition monitoring, Visual process / assembly monitoring, System specification architecture & validation of autonomous systems, Mathematical Optimisation, Mechanical, Control, Software, production and/or safety (co)design, Multi drivetrain control, Drivetrain design & energy management, Circular joining technology,… or related technologies making (the design of) machines & drivetrains, vehicles or assembly systems, more performant, more intelligent, more autonomous, more interconnected.


“In research, you have the time and the opportunity to let your project team play with their ideas. Together you can search for what might work. I used to work as a technical expert, but then you go deeper and deeper into the content. Now, as a technical project manager, I am busy with several things at the same time. That variety is refreshing, I really like that.” (Diana, Technical project manager since 2019 @ Flanders Make) Read More

Working together with so many partners (private and academic) keeps your scope quite open. My territory is never narrowed down to one specific technical detail.….” (Chris, Technical project manager since 2016 @ Flanders Make) Read more

“As a technical project manager, you spend time discussing and challenging people. … I learned never to make conclusions in a premature phase. … I give input to challenge researchers and make sure we are looking beyond the current possibilities.” (Abdel, Technical project manager since 2012 @ Flanders Make)

Location: Leuven, or Kortrijk


For more information:
at the number: +32 11 790 590
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