Research Engineer Computer Vision & Machine Learning

From vision systems design over machine learning to deep learning, you make vision systems smarter using innovative computer vision techniques.

For a variety of real industry cases, we want to increase the intelligence and the efficiency of the camera/product/production system,

e.g. working with autonomous vehicles and self-guided robot applications, product quality inspection, sensor fusion, …


You will:

  • Work together in a research team with experts in control, sensing, and mechanical design;
  • Take the lead in adding vision capabilities in multidisciplinary mechatronic systems.

With your background in computer vision and image processing algorithms, you will:

  • Research, design and implement computer vision algorithms (Python, C++, Matlab);
  • Engineer feature extraction methods and decision systems, both rule- and machine learning based;
  • Train and deploy classifiers, and augment the system with deep learning algorithms;
  • Use leading Computer vision libraries (OpenCV, dlib, ImageJ/Fiji, Halcon);
  • Choose the right optics, lenses, illumination; imaging sensors and computing platforms for the challenge;
  • Perform camera calibration, and implement stereo/3D imaging architectures;
  • Prepare working prototypes and demonstrators.


You have

  • A Master or PhD in computer vision or another relevant domain (electronic/mechanical engineering, Computer Science/informatics, Robotics, Mathematics or Physics …);
  • Preferably 5 years of experience in research or industry;
  • Experience in computer vision algorithm design;
  • Familiarity with leading computer vision libraries (OpenCV, dlib, ImageJ/Fiji);
  • A deep understanding of machine learning methods and associated software libraries (scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, scipy, weka, Keras, Tensorflow);
  • A keen interest in computer vision set-up design and implementation (cameras, imaging sensors and technologies, system-on-chip and other computing platforms).

You are

  • Open source software minded, have a good familiarity with Linux systems.
  • Passionate about research and new technologies;
  • Result oriented, responsible, self-directing;
  • Open minded;
  • Pro-active and taking initiative;
  • Eager to learn.


  • Flanders Make gives you the opportunity to develop yourself in the network of top industry and universities and research institutes;
  • An open-minded, flexible and challenging working environment;
  • A warm atmosphere and top colleagues;
  • An attractive salary with fringe benefits.

  • Locatie: Leuven, Lommel of Kortrijk


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