Cluster Manager Motion Products

You create a Centre of Excellence in the cluster Motion
Products. You translate strategic choices into research roadmaps and a
balanced research portfolio. You inspire and lead managers of R&D
teams at the universities and Flanders Make vzw and a consortium of

A ‘motion product’ is a ‘product in motion (vehicle)’ or ‘motion in a
product (machine)’ or combination of both (mobile machines).

The role of the cluster Motion Products is to

  • deliver innovative system architectures for physical motion products (application specific concepts, frameworks, guidelines, tools, designs and specifications)
  • provide system test & validation technology (approaches, validation tools, infrastructure, techniques and certification support)


To create the Centre of Excellence in Motion Products, you will :

  • Develop / Realise a roadmap which combines the technological trends in Motion Products and the needs of the leading companies in Flanders;
  • Build up a research portfolio with a good balance in types of research (from strategic basic research and collective industrial research to B2B contracts), a balance in research and infrastructure projects, a balance in Flemish and European projects;
  • Realise the roadmap by successful execution of these projects;
  • Valorise technology and competences by business development;
  • Coach the growth of the research teams in the cluster.

The goal is to drive and accelerate the innovation in the Industry in
Flanders, to have impact on Science & Technology, to create
leverage and synergy in Flanders Make and beyond.

To be successful you :

  • Create a team of R&D managers at the universities and the Flanders Make vzw;
  • Have a good connection with the companies of your consortium;
  • Cooperate and look for synergies with your 3 colleagues Cluster Managers, under the lead of the COO and in cooperation with the CTO and CVO (Chief Valorization Officer).


  • You have insights in the trends and technology of Motion Products and experience in research and innovation management;
  • You can create collective ambition in a complex stakeholder landscape. You lead by influencing and you can get things done: from strategy to project execution;
  • You build sustainable relationships and are the spokesman for engineering managers at companies;
  • You believe in the values of Flanders Make and acts upon them.

Your office will be in Leuven, Lommel or Kortrijk.

  • Locatie: Leuven, Lommel of Kortrijk


Voor meer informatie:
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